Services and Fees


$20/visit first 2 visits then only $14/visit thereafter (for the week)


$10/visit first 3 visits then only $8/visit thereafter (for the week).

**NOTE:**  For the 10-minute drop-in potty visits, we drop in for about 10 minutes or so to let your pet out to potty, fill the food/water dish if needed, and, of course, love, attention, and affection for your fur baby — even for just 10 minutes!

Additional Information

We are available seven days per week from 9 am to 10 pm**

Monday  9 am – 10 pm
Tuesday  9 am – 10 pm
Wednesday  9 am – 10 pm
Thursday  9 am – 10 pm
Friday  9 am – 10 pm
Saturday  9 am – 10 pm (10% extra per visit on weekends)
Sunday  9 am – 10 pm (10% extra per visit on weekends)

** Weekend fees are 10% extra per visit / Visits earlier than 9 am or later than 10 pm are 10% extra per visit

We charge $25 extra per day for the following days:

New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
July 4th Independence Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

We charge an extra $2 per additional pet.

Our policy is to use lock boxes instead of taking your house key off your premises. There is a fully refundable $20 deposit for the lock box, due at the time of our initial Meet and Greet.

Meet and Greet

Complimentary 20- to 45-minute initial meeting gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss you and your pet’s specific needs, routines and instructions as well as services and fees.  Contact us today!

Dog Walking

Happy Little Rascals offers affordable mid-day walks at 30 minutes per session, including potty breaks and cleanup.  Contact us for our full price list & menu of services.

Pet Sitting

Happy Little Rascals offers pet sitting with lots of love, affection and attention. Your pet’s safety, happiness, and well being are priorities while in our care.  Our service includes feeding, watering, toileting, toileting cleanup, and play time.  We do offer our pet sitting service with and without walks, whichever best suits you and your pet.  Contact us for pricing.

Drop-in Potty Visit

Pups gotta go!  We’ll drop in and take your pet out to potty while you’re at work or away.  Drop-in Potty Visit lasts an average of about 10 minutes (+/-).  Potty visit ONLY (no pet sitting or walking).  Contact us!

Benefits of Hiring Happy Little Rascals

  • Your pet is in the care of loving caretakers who are licensed, insured, bonded, background checked
  • No need to rush home from work or elsewhere to let your pup out to potty
  • No need to transport your pet or leave your pet at kennels
  • No need to impose on friends, family or neighbors
  • Knowing that your pet is more comfortable and less stressed in his own surroundings while you’re away
  • Your pet will receive companionship and attention while you’re away

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